Our Building

Our historic building, formerly South High School, has maintained its original elegance and charm, ever since students and teachers closed their books for good in 1976. Now, alumni and the greater community remember this historic building as a special part of the city.

Dover Signature Properties, the local firm known for meticulously restoring Knox High and other historic buildings to their former glory for greater community use, recognized the inherent advantage of South High’s design. The building’s layout is perfect for residential use, with a cafeteria ready for transformation to dining hall, and classrooms ideally situated to become apartments.

Although the building will look different from before, South High alumni can still recall cheering on their team and sporting their school colors. It was a school that brought pride to South Knoxville, and after years of vacancy, the restoration of South High will bring it back to life. We welcome you to visit South High for a trip down memory lane.

South High Exterior Illustration